Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement Overview:

1.1 These terms and conditions ("Agreement") govern the repair services provided by Kaneyoufixit (Gold Winds Studio) for musical instruments, including but not limited to flute, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and associated accessories ("Instrument").

2. General Terms:

2.1 This Agreement shall commence upon the engagement of Gold Winds Studio’s repair services by the customer. By engaging with our repair services, you are automatically deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Your continued use of our services constitutes your acknowledgment and agreement to abide by these terms until the completion of repairs and settlement of any outstanding payments.

2.2 Gold Winds Studio will undertake diligent efforts in repairing the Instrument, contingent upon parts availability and any applicable warranty terms, ensuring meticulous care and expertise throughout the repair process.

2.3 High-quality compatible parts will be utilized for all repair services, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the Instrument.

2.4 In order to conduct comprehensive diagnostics and testing, Gold Winds Studio may require to playtest the Instrument. However, should you prioritize cleanliness, alternative arrangements can be made, although this may result in potential delays in testing.

2.5 Estimated repair completion times are provided for guidance purposes only and are not binding. Complex repairs may necessitate extended time frames, particularly those involving intricate components or structural issues.

2.6 Upon completion of repairs, Gold Winds Studio will promptly notify you for instrument collection. Instruments not collected within 90 days will be securely stored for future retrieval. However, please note that unclaimed instruments will not be stored beyond the 90-day period and may be subject to disposal thereafter.

2.7 Any unforeseen challenges or additional costs encountered during repair will be promptly communicated. In cases where revised estimates are declined or no fault is identified, the instrument will be returned unrepaired.

2.8 Repair costs will be determined based on prevailing standard charges, considering factors such as labor, parts, and complexity of the repair.

2.9 Gold Winds Studio reserves the right to withhold the Instrument until all charges are settled, with storage fees applicable if deemed necessary.

2.10 The utilization of Gold Winds Studio’s services may impact existing manufacturer warranties. Customers are encouraged to consult directly with the manufacturer for warranty-related inquiries and clarifications.

2.11 Proof of warranty is provided through the repair receipt. Tampering with the repair receipt or any alterations will invalidate Gold Winds Studio’s Warranty.

2.12 Our products and repair services are governed by specified warranty terms, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

2.13 Warranty coverage is linked to the Instrument's unique identifier (serial number or model) and customer records in our system, encompassing original faults and replaced/repaired components. Accidental damage and ownership transfers are excluded from warranty coverage.

2.14 Gold Winds Studio is not liable for issues arising from previous repairs conducted by other service providers. Any newly discovered issues will be promptly communicated to the customer for further action.

2.15 Repairing instruments damaged by liquid incurs inherent risks; Gold Winds Studio disclaims responsibility for further damage or irreparable consequences.

2.16 Continuous monitoring of the instrument post-liquid damage repair is advised, as unforeseen complications may arise.

2.17 Additional issues arising from liquid damage during the warranty period will be reassessed and re-quoted accordingly.

These terms and conditions embody our dedication to delivering exceptional repair services for musical instruments while upholding transparency and customer satisfaction. Should you require further elucidation or assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.

Last updated: 25 May 2024

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