Yamaha Flute  YFL-312
Yamaha Flute  YFL-312

Yamaha Flute YFL-312


The Yamaha YFL-312 student flute offers a supportive foundation for developing musicians. Its carefully designed lip plate guides proper breath control, while the thoughtfully positioned keys ensure optimal balance and effortless playability. The YFL-312 takes performance to the next level with its split E mechanism for easier high notes and a solid silver headjoint that produces a rich, clear sound.

Building upon Yamaha's renowned craftsmanship, the YFL-312 features elegant pointed key arms and a meticulously revised manufacturing process for exceptional precision. This reliable and beautifully crafted instrument is ideal for flutists seeking to elevate their musical journey.

Product also comes with:

1. 18 months warranty under KaneYouFixIt
2. Free adjustment within 6 months from purchase
3. Accessories includes new cleaning cloth, cleaning swab and cleaning rod
4. Instrument hard case & case bag cover

Key Type Closed-Hole
Offset G Offset G
E-Mechanism E- Mechanism
Foot Joint C-Foot
Head Joint Silver (92.5)
Body Silver Plated
Keys Silver Plated
Tone Hole Drawn Toneholes
Pads Type Felt Pads
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