Yamaha Flute  YFL-272
Yamaha Flute  YFL-272

Yamaha Flute YFL-272


The Yamaha YFL-272 student flute prioritizes playability and sound quality for beginners. Ring keys offer a stable platform for fingers, while the offset G key allows for a natural hand position. The split-E mechanism simplifies playing high notes. Built with a silver-plated nickel silver headjoint, the YFL-272 produces a bright and clear sound, and its drawn and curled toneholes ensure consistent intonation. This durable and ergonomically designed instrument empowers aspiring musicians to focus on technique and musical expression.

The Yamaha YFL-272 is an ideal choice for students and beginner flutists seeking a reliable, well-crafted instrument that fosters a love for music. It provides a solid foundation for learning proper technique and musical expression, paving the way for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Product also comes with:

1. 18 months warranty under KaneYouFixIt
2. Free adjustment within 6 months from purchase
3. Accessories includes new cleaning cloth, cleaning swab, cleaning rod and key plugs
4. Instrument hard case & case bag cover

Key Type Open-Hole
Offset G Offset G
E-Mechanism E- Mechanism
Foot Joint C-Foot
Head Joint Silver Plated
Body Silver Plated
Keys Silver Plated
Tone Hole Drawn Toneholes
Pads Type Felt Pads
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